Resident Club Guidelines and Application


A Resident Club is a program such as, but not limited to, Book Club, Cooking Club and/or Crafting Club, which are run completely by residents within the Parkland Preserve community. These clubs are restricted to Parkland Preserve Residents ONLY and may take place as often as availability allows.

PURPOSE: The purpose of Clubs in Parkland Preserve is to help residents pursue common interests such as hobbies or recreational activities or through social, cultural, or service-oriented endeavors, that expand resident experiences and build community spirit.


No. Resident Clubs are not sponsored, organized, or controlled by the District or Amenity Center Staff in any way. However, staff will be there to assist with your application, reservation and will schedule your club on the District calendar.



As a Club Leader, you may:

  1. Create a concept for the Club
  2. Decide on a location for the Club to meet
    • Social Room / Outdoor Patio / Pickleball Courts / Boche Ball / Library / Gym
  3. Decide how often you will
  4. Complete an application and submit it to Amenity Manager for
  5. Once approved, start inviting your club members to join!


WHAT RULES APPLY TO CLUBS?  (Here are a few things to consider in addition to the official policies)

  • All members of Resident Clubs must be Parkland Preserve residents. No
  • Each Club member must be registered with the Amenity Center and be a resident in good
  • Clubs need to appoint a Leader and a Co-Leader. A Co-Leader is a resident designated to take the Leader’s place if unable to attend a meeting. The Leader or Co-Leader must attend each
  • Club members must abide by the rules set forth by the Parkland Preserve CDD
  • Leaders/Co-leaders are responsible for making sure the space is clean once the club meeting has
  • All clubs must complete and return the attendance sheet to the Amenity Center Staff after each meeting.
Resident Club Application
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Community Social Meeting & Activities Policies

As written in the Parkland Preserve Community Development District Policies

1. “Community Use” shall mean social meetings and activities for only Patrons including, but not limited to, book clubs, gardening clubs, and photography clubs. Community Use social meetings or activities must: 1) be open and available to all Patrons, 2) not-for-profit, and 3) free of charge to Patrons attending. Community Use does not include private events by invitation only such as a birthday or graduation party. The District reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel a group’s reservation for any reason whatsoever. Provided, however, unless such cancellation is for emergency purposes, a reservation shall not be cancelled without providing the group at least 7 days prior notice.

2. Generally, only one (1) room or portion of the Amenity Facility is available for Community Use (or rental) at any given time. Recurring events may be approved at the discretion of the Amenity Manager.

3. Available Facilities: The following areas of the Amenity Facility are available for Community Use for: The Social Room; the Outdoor Patio; the Pickleball Courts; and the Boche Ball Court.

4. Complete the “Parkland Preserve Community Use Application Form” with amenity staff.

5. For Community Use, rental fees shall be waived. By signing I agree that I have received a copy of the organization chart for clubs and agree to abide by it.

6. The Patron reserving any portion of the Amenity Facility for Community Use shall be responsible for any and all damage and expenses arising from the event. If additional cleaning of Amenity Facilities is required for a Community Use event, the Patron signing the Facility Use Application for the Amenity Facility will be liable for any expenses incurred by the District to perform the cleaning. The Amenity Staff shall determine the amount and shall notify the Patron of the amount needed.

By Accepting these terms and conditions or otherwise, you agree to the terms and conditions in said policy (as defined above). Whether you are entering into these terms and conditions as an individual or as a group the term “you” refers to you or your group.


Parkland Preserve CDD reserves the right to grant or reasonably deny a request for a Club. The Club Leader, as well as Club events, activities, programs, etc., should reflect the spirit and values of Parkland Preserve at all times. The District reserves the right to disassociate from a club at any time, for any reasons including but not limited to: inactivity by leader and/or lack of participation by members, Leader not being in good standing with Parkland Preserve CDD, unreasonable actions of the Leader, action arising from members’ concerns, etc. All Clubs, and their respective members, are solely responsible for maintenance, repair and safe operation of the equipment provided or otherwise obtained by the Club, as well as for the safety of members and others participating in activities. Parkland Preserve CDD reserves the right, without further approval or compensation, to include activities, photographs, etc. for marketing, promotional and educational purposes.